How Fashion Matters for People with Cancer

Cancer treatment can go on for months or even years. That’s a long time to wear awkward hospital gowns or struggle with clothing during chemotherapy. When it comes to appearance, there are hats, bandanas, and wigs and other fashion items available, but people with cancer have other needs, too. It’s about comfort and practicality, but it’s also about feeling like you’re still you. A small army of entrepreneurs is changing the way people with cancer dress. For many of them, the idea stems from personal experience. As of this matters, We as a brand would like to help every cancer survivors to be at ther best.

Fashion on Dignity and empowerment for People with Cancer

When cancer upended the lives of sisters Peg, Patty, and Claire, they realized just how important clothing and fashion choices could be. When there was no choice at all. The trio co-founded Healing Threads to address the issues they experienced firsthand. Claire lost her life in 2006 to metastatic colon cancer after 35 months of treatment. Peg was treated for stage 3 melanoma and has been cancer-free since 2002. Patty has not had cancer, but she provided support for her two sisters. She remains a part of Healing Threads. Peg Feodoroff, also known as “spirited sister #1,” is president of the Massachusetts company. She said the clothing was originally designed for people with cancer but has morphed into much more. She told Healthline that the clothing line is helpful for men and women going back and forth for any type of medical treatments, including kidney dialysis.  The line features breakaway pants to provide easy access to the legs or hips. “When I designed those, my experience with cancer was melanoma,” said Feodoroff. “For anyone with melanoma on their leg, I thought they would prefer to wear these pants and expose only what has to be exposed when it has to be exposed, rather than take their pants off for the radiation table,” Feodoroff said a doctor once told her that he looks at people differently when they’re wearing a hospital gown rather than street clothes. “It strips a person down to the lowest common denominator so you all look alike and all you are is a name on a bracelet. There’s nothing to distinguish you from anybody else,” she said. One goal of Healing Threads is to help people maintain dignity and modesty while undergoing cancer treatment. Another goal is empowerment. “Being a baby boomer, and in the throes of the feminist movement many times, I want women in particular to take charge, demand answers, and be part of the decision-making process or even get a second opinion because they’re wearing a Healing Thread. That’s who we are and what we wanted to do,” said Feodoroff. The versatile tops are particularly popular with women who’ve had mastectomies. You can wear the clothing in the hospital after surgery, but it’s ideal for those first weeks at home. Built-in provisions for drainage bags provide comfort and privacy.  The clothing is meant to go from treatment to public to home without a hitch. And all that helps you feel more like yourself and less like a cancer patient.  Feodoroff laughed as she recalled her sister’s “horror” at having to wear a fanny pack to carry her chemo pump. She wouldn’t have had to use that option if she’d had a Healing Thread top. So, how do doctors and nurses feel about nonhospital-issue clothing? According to Feodoroff, feedback from the medical community has been complimentary. Nurses note that the clothes are not just better looking than a hospital gown, they’re also quite functional. A customer wrote Feodoroff to say, “Mom lost her battle but she did not lose her dignity during the treatments. Her love will remain in our hearts forever and always.” The sisters’ compassionate touch shines through in their clothing designs. “We really love the human race and want to help women especially get through this horrible disease they’re facing,” said Feodoroff.

Clothing that suits for people with Cancer

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